Factors Of Skin Aging

There are many factors of skin aging including biological factor which means the natural aging process of the skin. This is programmed in the human genes. There are also external aging factors including the sun and the environment. Our skin may also encounter mechanical influence. With age, the production of collagen and elastin slows down in our skin. As a result, it loses its elasticity and firmness, gets thinner and more prone to damage. As we age, the production of new skin cells decreases, they don't regenerate as quickly as earlier. Thus, dead skin cells provide your skin with dull look. Our skin also starts losing its pigment and fat which are responsible for the nice color and shape of our face. This is the reason why old people usually have pale face, eye sockets and hollowed cheeks. Because of the loss of fat, blood vessels in the skin weaken and become more prone to damage and bruising.

Extrinsic factors of skin aging include damage from sun exposure. A person starts noticing more ages spots, freckles, spider veins, broken capillaries on the face (telangiectasis), fine wrinkles, rough and leathery skin, loose skin, actinic keratoses (warty, reddish, thick, rough, growths), irregular skin pigmentation (monistat 1 3 7). In some cases, people ay develop skin cancer. Other environmental factors include smoke, pollution, and harsh weather conditions which can contribute to the appearance of aging signs on the skin. Mechanical factors of skin aging include repetitive facial expressions, gravity (sagging skin), repetitive sleeping positions, smoking and others.

It is important to take proper care of your skin at every age, but special attention should be paid to mature skin. It needs more hydration because its elasticity suffers a lot with age. This happens mainly due to the lack of elastin and collagen being produced in your skin. In your senior years, most people develop fine lines and wrinkles. There are many skincare products on the modern market but most of them prove to be ineffective when it comes to fighting wrinkles and fine lines.

Today we are going to discuss FL, one of the most effective anti-aging products nowadays. It is available in the form of a moisturizing cream that can infuse your skin with vital nutrients. When used on a daily basis, this cream will help you to combat the damage caused by free radicals and other environmental factors. Generally, FL is made to protect your skin from possible. It promises to effectively hydrate and rejuvenate it with long-term results. As the official website describes, there are several benefits of this product. Those benefits include more radiant and brighter skin, smoother surface of the skin without fine lines and wrinkles, protection from the damage caused by the sun and the environment. FL will help you to preserve the youthfulness of your skin and to decrease the appearance of aging signs.

The name of the company behind FL is called Beauty Labs Distribution, LLC. The staff can be contacted through the address: 8391 Beverly Blvd #480; Los Angeles, California 90048. This company is reputable and offers a number of other skincare products. FL delivers anti-aging benefits from decreasing of wrinkles and fine lines, to preventing future drying as well as brightening of the skin. This all-around face cream contains a number of natural ingredients that are added to the product to protect your skin from harsh environmental factors (pollution, UV radiation, smoke) and free radicals. These substances can also effectively fight internal factors like poor collagen production loss of moisture and sagging of the skin. FL has been scientifically proven to work in a safe way. Let us have a look at those ingredients below.

Vitamin C is an important nutrient which should be used on a daily basis for the beauty and youthfulness of our skin. Due to this vitamin, you can fight the effects of pollutants, UV lights, and other external factors. This vitamin is also known for its ability to improve the production of collagen. The next ingredient is Matrixyl 3000 which contains two various types of peptides. The latter work together to have the effects of elastin and collagen in the skin. Hyaluronic Acid is another important component of the cream. It is responsible for moisturizing and hydrating of your skin. Many modern skincare products contain hyaluronic acid because it helps to overcome the aging process of the skin. This substance plumps the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Thee next FL ingredient is Lavandox which comes from the same molecules which can be found in Spanish lavender oil. The latter is known for its ability to stimulate the blood flow in the human body, including the skin. Due to the increased blood circulation, your skin will be able to soothe possible inflammation and irritation. Hexapeptide 8 is another component of the cream which is meant to increase the production of collagen, like other ingredients in the product. Hexapeptide 8 also helps to improve the growth and development of new skin cells. Witch Hazel Extract is a compound which is well known for its ability to protect the skin against negative environmental issues and free radicals. It also helps to clean the skin. Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-7 is a component included to the product for its ability to promote the production of hyaluronic acid which is necessary for the young look of the skin. It also increases collagen levels in your skin.

Another vital ingredient in FL is Palmitoyl Tripeptide-1, a peptide responsible for the stimulation of the growth of new fibroblasts and skin cells, which is essential for proper collagen production. Diamond Powder is the powder used for the removal of dead cells from the skin surface. This helps your skin to renew itself and to create new cells. Diamond Powder make the skin more luminous and provide it with healthy minerals. This compound is often costly, that is why FL is not cheap too. But the effects are worth paying for. As you can see, all of the upper mentioned ingredients are natural and highly beneficial for the human skin

It is obvious that FL is a completely natural skincare product which contains effective and safe ingredients. For this reason, this cream is not associated with adverse reactions. So, there is no need to worry that you will experience negative side effects for your skin and health in general. In fact, this is a 100% risk-free solution made of all natural ingredients without any fillers. This high-quality formula works in a gentle way and offers additional benefits for your skin. Thousands of women who used this anti-aging product have not reported experiencing any negative reactions. Probably, the main reason for this lies in the fact that its formula is based on natural ingredients.

It is important to mention that a number of dermatologists recommend this anti-aging solution to their patients. The ingredients of this skincare formula have been clinically tested and proven to provide long-lasting benefits. It is used by famous celebrities of the country. There are countless customers' reviews online most of which are positive. A lot of users keep sending their positive reviews onto the official webpage of this skincare product. Here are some of them.

"I wanted to make my skin more radiant and softer with the help of FL. It was peeling and had a sagged complexion. As soon as I tried this cream, all of my wishes came true! My skin became beautiful, smooth and soft again. It has been repaired from dryness. I like this cream very much!"

"I am almost 58 and I completely accept the fact that my skin has become not as attractive as it used to be several years ago. This was the reason why I ordered FL a month ago. Since that time, I have noticed significant changes on my skin. Now it looks much younger. Besides, I haven't had any adverse reactions or side effects."

"The reality is that at my age wrinkles have spread upon my face but FL has greatly improved the look of my face by minimizing the depth of wrinkles. It is really a reliable skincare product I recommend to everyone. This cream does work!"

FL is a high-quality product with natural ingredients that work together to improve the condition of your skin and to correct possible damages which can be caused by internal causes or environmental factors. This topical solution possesses an ability to effectively soothe cracked and dry areas on the skin as soon as you apply it. It also improves the skin's immunity from inside.

The product offers a number of benefits including replenishing and rejuvenating of your skin, fighting further appearance of wrinkles, reduction of dark circles, filling in the lines, deep hydration of the skin, lifting and firming of the skin, more youthful glow, reduction of dark circles, silky smooth look, moisturizing of the skin, enhancement of the skin's immunity and better collagen production.

This solution, like most anti-aging creams, should be applied to the skin of your clean face and neck twice a day. Clean and fresh skin is more receptive to the active components of the formula.

FL is a worthy skincare product that has a lot of pros. It has proven natural ingredients which are added to the formula to promote a younger look of your skin. The official website offers a detailed product description. There is an opportunity to order a trial jar first in order to check whether this cream is suitable for you. It effectively fights wrinkles, brightens the skin and protects it from possible harm. Taking into account these factors, I can recommend this unique anti-aging cream to everyone who wants to improve the look of their skin.

FL is available on the official website of the company. A single jar costs $89.73, while a 3-piece set can be bought for $114.99, and a 5-piece set is at $139.99. You can also get this cream through third party stores like eBay.com and Amazon.com.